A new “green” iron age

English: MIT Professor Donald Sadoway in room ...

English: MIT Professor Donald Sadoway in room 10-250 giving a 3.091 lecture on 12/9/2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Iron and steel: The billion-ton business…

    We may call this the age of information, but we could also call it the age of steel. More than 1.5 billion tons of steel are made each year for bridges, concrete reinforcement, vehicles and building frameworks, among many other purposes.

    arch_bridgePhoto: Wikimedia Commons

    The Hulme Arch Bridge, at Hulme, Manchester, England, is a harmonious construction of steel cables and arches.

    Steel is usually about 99 percent iron, and the tight bond between iron and oxygen in iron ore explains much of the environmental cost of making steel.

    Now MIT professor Donald Sadoway has found a way to sidestep many of these drawbacks with a 1565° C process that uses electricity to separate iron and oxygen.

    A backward battery:
    Electrolysis is the reverse of a battery. Both batteries and electrolytic cells contain an electrolyte that conducts electricity between two electrodes. In both cases, the process alters the chemistry of the electrolyte, and an electrical current flows.

    In a battery, chemical energy in the electrolyte is converted to electrical energy. In electrolysis, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy.



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