John’s greatest gift to his best friend…time



John’s greatest gift to his best friend…time.

A blogging friend from another site wrote some years ago about a man she believed had been a real and true friend to her husband, who had a stroke in recent times. This is part of what she wrote.I would like to share it with you here:

“John visited my husband in the hospital after his stroke, and later in our home. He carried the conversation–because my husband couldn’t. He entertained my husband with stories of old times, while they created a few new stories. John encouraged every little progress my husband made, and although a disability changed life as my husband knew it, John continued and continues to treat him with respect as a fellow man.

Aphasia not only robbed my husband’s speech, but it also robbed his ability to establish new friendships. Physical disability resulting from the stroke compromised his cognition and physically robbed him of doing what he used to do for fun and entertainment. A real friend, John found something to do with my husband that enabled him. He brought cards.”

So John didn’t just visit his friend while he was recuperating, he became proactive and brought life to him at home. He carried the conversation and entertained his friend with tales of the old times they had also shared as friends in their younger days. It has been painfully slow as recuperation from a stroke usually is.

He created new stories for his friend about now, in the present. He brought cards and involved his friend in trying to teach him to play again. Most of all he treated his ill friend with the deepest respect.

In my book the greatest gift John gave his ill and recuperating friend was good quality “time”, his time to share. Just as important and valuable as the time you share with your partner and children, then good quality time is important to share with your friends. That is an example we can also share from John’s selfless act of personal kindness

Acknowledgements: Jellen

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