An Ear To The Ground Series – As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs…

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I think we will do something different today. No recycling some of the great stories on the internet, but putting An Ear To The Ground. Lets discuss The Uncommon Origins Of Some Common Expressions.

As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs:

How did this peculiar way of saying ‘without a doubt’ originate? In all probability,eggs is a deliberately comic distortion of x.

In algebra, a basic equation is that x always equals x. If anything, is accepted as true by all mathematicians and logicians, it is just that – that x = x. So if you want to give a guarantee of the accuracy of a predictio, for instance, you might emphasise that it as sure as x is x or as eggs is eggs.

Now that was interesting,wasn’t? We’ll come back another day and look at another An Ear To The Ground.

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