Who’s spying on you through your webcam?

English: A Trust 120 SpaceCam webcam Italiano:...

English: A Trust 120 SpaceCam webcam Italiano: Una webcam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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    Have you got a webcam on your computer?

    Most people do these days and they are great for things like Skype, taking pictures, face time and such.

    But there’s also a dark side to webcams – they can be compromised and used to spy on you!

    This is done via a Remote Administration Tool (or RAT) that can be planted on your computer via a seemingly innocent email card sent to your inbox, or a scam post on social media that invites you to “look at this great video”.

    By clicking in either of these situations, malware is loaded onto your computer that gives the hacker access to your machine. They then have control over your computer as well as your webcam and can even change your computer settings, fiddle with your sound and rifle through your files!

    So how can you stop this happening?

    Be super vigilant about what you click on. It’s no longer safe to click on e-cards or links on Facebook that are meant to have something ‘spectacular’ to view.

    If you have your laptop in your bedroom, then close it when you’re not using it, or put tape over the webcam (or investigate the ipatch!)

    Educate your children regarding this and make sure no laptops are in their bedrooms at night.
    Make sure you have good internet security software, update it regularly and fully scan your computer for anything malicious often.

    Apart from the above, trust your gut. If you notice ‘weird’ things happening with your computer, or the webcam light flashing on when you know that it’s not meant to be operating, then get off the net and get it checked out straight away!

    – See more at: http://resources.avg.com.au/security_risks/whos-spying-on-you-through-your-webcam/#sthash.P8j5LvPD.dpuf



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