Maui dolphins found only in NZ waters, are down to a population of only 55 adults…

Hector's Dolphins swimming at Porpoise Bay, in...

Hector’s Dolphins swimming at Porpoise Bay, in the Catlins, New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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    Maui dolphins stuck in nets…


    :roll:TAKE ACTION NOW:
    The latest population survey for Maui’s dolphins – released over a year and a half ago – revealed that only about 55 dolphins over one year of age remain.

    Last year over 70,000 people made submissions supporting better protection for the Maui’s dolphin.

    But since then the Government has put forward a proposal that fails to provide adequate protection.

    It fails to follow the science. It fails to follow key expert advice,1 and it fails to reflect the will of the people.

    But it’s not too late. DOC is asking for public feedback on the proposal so we still have a chance to convince the Government to take the necessary steps:

    Click here to use our quick and easy submission form to add your voice to the call for decent protection for Maui’s dolphin.

    If something isn’t done soon, New Zealand could becomes the first country to cause the extinction of a dolphin since China lost the Yangtze River dolphin.

    Their plight only gets worse while nothing is done.

    Please take action again now to tell the Minister that you want him to properly protect Maui’s dolphins.

    And then when you’re done, please share the link so that we can get more people to take action. Click the link below:

    Thanks for your continued support and action,

    – Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace

    Note 1. The International Whaling Commission and the World Conservation Congress advised NZ to take action to protect the Maui’s dolphin by banning gill nets and trawling throughout its habitat out to 100 meters depth.

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