A world-wide study into endangered Australian frog….

STUDY: The endangered green and gold bell frog is part of a new study to try to guarantee it and other frog species' survival.

An endangered frog species that once thrived in Maitland will be part of a world-first study designed to manage Australian frogs under threat of extinction.

The green and golden bell frog is at the heart of new research that plans to develop breakthrough technology to generate offspring from stored genomes in frog breeding and reintroduction programs.

The research is being led by the Wildlife Biodiversity Co-operative Research Centre – a consortium of 40 institutions led by the University of Newcastle.

If successful in its funding bid, the centre will carry out research on how disease impacts frog species across Australia and New Zealand, including the World Heritage Area of Tasmania and Kosciuszko National Park.

Frog populations have declined rapidly in recent decades, with a third of the species now listed as threatened worldwide. Eastern Australia has been identified as a global hotspot of frog decline.

“This research is aimed at safeguarding frogs against emerging threats,” bid director Professor Rodger said. “Through genome storage technology we can store novel strains and genes that bestow resistance against threats, in this case disease.”

The green and golden bell frog – a known inhabitant of areas including Gillieston Heights, Farley and East Maitland – will be targeted through the research.

Read more: http://www.maitlandmercury.com.au/story/1870276/study-into-endangered-frog/?cs=171



A future story at Huttriverofnz:

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