The ghosts who still walk the American Civil War battlefields…

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, d...

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, depicting the Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1—3, 1863. The battle was part of the American Civil War and was won by the North. Hand-colored lithograph by Currier and Ives. Español: Batalla de Gettysburg Magyar: A gettysburgi csata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gettysburg 150th Reenactment

Gettysburg 150th Reenactment (Photo credit: ronzzo1)

The inexplicable happenings at the two battlefields haunt skeptics and believers alike.Photo:
 Do ghosts of the soldiers really emerge from the mist?
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 – The Civil War by Martha M. Boltz
Martha M. Boltz

 Personally, Martha, I never thought of a connection between Halloween and the walking phantoms from battlefields past. Makes for an interesting story though…

VIENNA, Va., October 30, 2013  — It is my personal opinion that no war or conflict is quite as symbolically connected to the Halloween holiday as the 1861-1865 period of time.

It takes but a few minutes of searching to realize that spirits, ghosts, and inexplicable sights and sounds seem endemic to many sites connected with the war period and thereafter.

If you go to Gettysburg and walk the battlefield, specifically the areas around Devil’s Den and Little Round Top, I can almost guarantee you that something will occur to make you wonder if there is not some truth in it.  After the war’s end, many bodies and body portions were discovered in and among the amazing rock formations of Devil’s Den, and only those that could be recovered were brought out and buried.

I am told that there were many still visible down between the huge boulders there, which simply could not be reached and were allowed to deteriorate and disintegrate where they lay. If one believes in spirits who never rest, this would be a good place for them.

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