The Third Reich’s Golden Celtic – Aryan Cauldron…

Third Reich Golden `Celtic` Cauldron Discovered in Bavarian Lake

Chiemsee - Bavaria - Germany

Chiemsee – Bavaria – Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The author  first heard of the sinking of a golden Celtic style cauldron in the Chiemsee in Bavaria in the Preface of Steven L. Akins 2008 book The Lebor Feasa Runda A Druidic Grammar of Celtic Lore and Magic. There appears to have been very little published on this subject and he was not even aware of the cauldron`s discovery until viewing Channel 5`s documentary Nazi Temple of Doom: Revealed last night. It is almost as if there has been a suppression of pulicity over this incredible historical find. It would appear that the fate of and the question of ownership of this artifact is still the subject of an ongoing court case and fraud trial. If anyone has any additional information or news about this suject please contact the author  via this blog.

Taken from from 17/8/07.

So there it was, the legendary “Holy Grail” — in a safe not far from the Zurich airport. Investor Svetlana K. from Kazahkstan had been prepared for almost anything on that day last March. But when she saw what had been described as “probably the most important art-historical discovery in the Western Hemisphere” in front of her, all the other superlatives used in the four-page prospectus faded into the background. “An object of such pre-eminence has probably never been introduced onto the open art market,” the document stated, adding that, “Given the proper promotion, experts believe its value could reach a sum of around €1 billion” ($1.4 billion).

A veritable dream bargain seemed to be just within reach: The vessel — made of 11 kilograms (24.3 lbs) of gold, decorated with Celtic ornaments and said to be more than 2,000 years old — did indeed exercise an irresistible fascination on the beholder.

But the woman from Kazakhstan had been warned that there was one hitch: She had to snap up the bargain quickly. After all, an investment opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day, she was told. That made sense to Svetlana K. and her business partner Vladimir T., and a short time later they transfered the equivalent of €1.1 million ($1.5 million) to Switzerland via a Moscow bank, in exchange for a share of the potential earnings from the marketing of the golden pot.

The Swiss million-dollar deal represents the most recent climax in an adventure story that began with the discovery of the cauldron in the Chiemsee, a lake in Bavaria, in 2001. From the very beginning the artifact has been accompanied by an aura of mystery. Whether it involved occult Nazi groups, gloomy Celtic rituals or even black magic intrigues — the golden pot could always be made to somehow fit into the story. There were even rumors that the Bavarian state government was holding back secret analyses of the heathen pot — “presumably in response to pressure from the Catholic Church.” Others claimed that coded messages lay concealed inside the vessel’s golden reliefs.

The only reliable truth about the origin and use of the cauldron is that no one knows anything definite about it. But what is certain is that another story lurks behind the mysticism and magic. And that story is set in the rough demi-monde of dubious art dealers and shady jugglers of capital.

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