Kiwi man robbed by Thai Lady Boy…

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English: Transwoman, Male-to-female, Ladyboy, Kathoey at Alkazar show in Pattaya, Thailand; the beside one was a vietnamese female Tiếng Việt: Người chuyển đổi giới tính Kathoey ở Pattaya, Thailand. Trong tay “cô chàng” là tiền bo của khách bắt buộc phải có để được chụp ảnh cùng (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many foreign men have allegedly been robbed by transvestite prostitutes in recent times.
European males appear to be fair game for the Thai Lady Boys…
  • A longtail boat in Thailand. (Source:
    A longtail boat in Thailand. – Source:

A New Zealander was drugged and robbed of his money and jewellery by a transvestite prostitute in Thailand, according to a Thai newspaper.

The Pattaya Mail reports Kiwi Bernard John Griffiths, 65, met up with a ‘ladyboy’ while strolling through Pattay’s red-light district on December 17.

Mr Bernard agreed to join the ladyboy at a bar, the name of which he could not recall later for police.

As they walked to the bar, Mr Bernard tried to withdrawal money from an ATM machine but could not read the machine’s Thai language.

He then gave his credit car and PIN code to the prostitute who withdrew 10,000 baht (NZD$373).

Mr Griffiths told police they then went to a nearby bar where he saw the suspect shaking his beverage before giving it to him.

When Mr Griffith’s asked why he was shaking the bottle, the prostitute said it was to clear the foam from the bottle. Mr Griffiths then passed out in a corner of the bar.

Fifteen minutes later, he awoke to find himself alone and without his wallet, visa card, a diamond ring worth NZD$8,000, a gold necklace worth $3,000 and the 10,000 baht cash.

Thai police have arrested a 26-year-old man in relation to the incident.


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