Ancient Chinese remedy ‘cures’ baldness…

Prominent USA scientist destroys the myth about curing baldness


Recently, the scientific world was gravely shocked by an unexpected news following decades of in-depth research – BALDNESS IS NOW CURABLE!

Doctor A. Chan is an American born Chinese who graduated from Dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine. After her honored graduation, Dr. Chan spent over 20 years working as a Research Supervisor of Dermatology clinical trials aimed at finding a remedy for a number of severe skin conditions thought to be incurable. One of those conditions was baldness – the partial or complete lack of hair growth.

After decades of testing the effect of various compounds that stimulate hair growth, Dr. Chan finally discovered the only missing ingredient of a powerful remedy kept secret for almost 2 decades. That was an extremely rare herb that grows only in few special places in the whole world and its distribution and usage have been rigorously restricted until now. “When mixed with other curing elements, this herb literally performs some sort ofmagic to the scalp – it covers it with newly grown hair!“, Dr. Chan explained yesterday during a medical conference with colleagues held in Chicago, USA.
After 20 years of research and clinical trials, Dr. Chan has finally come up with a unique remedy that cures baldness. Her phenomenal product has undergone numerous clinical trials and according to scientific estimations it shows 98.7% success in curing baldness and thin hair. Furthermore, the solution not only “brings hair back to life” but it also improves its quality immensely by nurturing the scalp and reconstructing the hair follicle entirely, so that hair starts growing thicker in a three times faster pace.

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