40,000 Yazidi Iraqis stranded on a mountain top – a preventable tragedy in the making…

English: Jabal sinjar: terrace farming Deutsch...

English: Jabal sinjar: terrace farming Deutsch: Dschabal Sindschar: Tal mit Terrassenanbau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read the story below:  40,000 Iraqis are condemned to death by ISIS radicals below or by the elements above. A preventable tragedy for sure, but so is the tragedy in Gaza and the civil war in Syria. Innocent Palestinians, men,women and children, are killed daily because Hamas refuses to stop bombarding Israel with rockets, knowing that Israel will continue to defend itself and retaliate, like for like, just like it has done for 66 years since the creation of the modern state of Israel.  You can dispute it if you like, but I am old enough to know that the Islamic world wants Israel destroyed. The events at Gaza and elsewhere in this area will continue. The future of Syria is, and has been for a couple of years, in the hands of its despotic rulers. However,those Iraqis on a mountain top in northern Iraq need not become part of another Islamic tragedy.

“Tens of thousands of members of one of Iraq‘s oldest minorities have been stranded on a mountain in the country’s north-west, facing slaughter at the hands of jihadists surrounding them below if they flee, or death by dehydration if they stay.

UN groups say at least 40,000 members of the Yazidi sect, many of them women and children, have taken refuge in nine locations on Mount Sinjar, a craggy, mile-high ridge identified in local legend as the final resting place of Noah’s ark.

At least 130,000 more people, many from the Yazidi stronghold of Sinjar, have fled to Dohuk, in the Kurdish north, or to Irbil, where regional authorities have been struggling since June to deal with one of the biggest and most rapid refugee movements in decades.

Sinjar itself has been all but emptied of its 300,000 residents since jihadists stormed the city late on Saturday, but an estimated 25,000 people remain. “We are being told to convert or to lose our heads,” said Khuldoon Atyas, who has stayed behind to guard his family’s crops. “There is no one coming to help.”

Bleak: Iraqi Yazidi women who fled ISIS in the Iraqi town of Sinjar take refuge in the Kurdish city of Dohuk. Around 40,000 other Yazidis have been forced to the top of a mountain by the militants

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Breaking News:  The US is planning to drop emergency supplies to the Iraqi people on the mountain – it could be a difficult task.  The ISIS radicals could find themselves in strife with the US in northern Iraq.


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