Is Kim Dotcom a Nazi?

Imperator Fish

A number of commentators have insinuated that Kim Dotcom might be a Nazi.

Normally I would be inclined to dismiss such claims as pathetic and desperate attempts by the usual suspects to corrupt our political discourse. But on this occasion the people behind these insinuations (i.e. Matthew Hooton, David Farrar and Cameron Slater) are seekers of truth and enlightenment who have only the public good in mind.

So their claims deserve some scrutiny. Is Dotcom a Nazi? Let’s look at the evidence.


Hitler was a megalomaniac. Dotcom owned a business called Megaupload.

Dotcom always wears black. So did the SS.

We all know about the infamous Nazi salute. But did you know that Kim Dotcom once raised an arm over his shoulders during an Internet-Mana event?

Hitler knew how to command an audience. So does Kim Dotcom.

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Dotcom owns a copy of the book.


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