4 thoughts on “Anthropologist says bigfoot are not animals but people with psychic powers…

  1. Yes, they are people a relic native American tribe previously known as the Seeahtiks. They have a language and understand local native American as well as some English spoken by hikers and campers. I have been visited and followed by them several times and leave food for them I have learned they like. No I do not hunt them but respect them when I am in their domain. I have spoken native American Salish to them and they seem to understand that here in the North Cascades of the Pacific Northwest. I am usually armed and dressed in military attire since I am former military. I believe they find that very curious to them. After several years the weapon I keep holstered does not bother them now as they know I am not their to harm them just a friend. They also seem curious and come close when I am playing any music. Leave them alone they have never threatened me and I enjoy their company. To hunt them is a big mistake as they will see you before you even suspect they are near. I will protect them from any harm. You won’t see me either.

    De Opresso Libre

  2. Yes, they do block paths and logging roads to protect their territories. Just as you are protective of your home and family. They only become aggressive if you provoke them. I have a rule if it doesn’t bother me I don’t bother it. Make no mistake they are very real.

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