A grinning money man


In a recent posting,


I wrote the following:

‘New Zealand, after six years of Key, has been corrupted by the sleaze and dirty tricks to a different kind of New Zealand. Behind the glossy image promoted by Team Key is Sleaze Key which has been instrumental in constructing a secret network for controlling New Zealand with the corruption of state services, departmental authoritarianism, a creeping control of media, hard-line appointments to key positions, corrupted numbers, heavily laden hidden-agenda policies, sinisterly composed advisory groups, the undermining of academic independence, state sponsored lying and distortion, the structural indoctrination of children, the isolation of individuals and groups for bullying, restructured institutions for control, contracted obedience … and fear.’

I don’t resile one word from that paragraph; similar to many others I have written over the Key years; and similar to many more if this current regime isn’t removed from office and a…

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