Oops, Mark Textor, John Key’s Goebbels Is Not Happy With Me.

Key contacted him from the beginning…

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

While happily twittering away and giving people my link to a post I wrote about Mark Textor it seemed I inadvertently attracted his attention. Attracting the wrath of the PTB is a dangerous thing as Nicky Hager recently found out.

What is interesting is that he deleted my responses to his smearing twitters. I guess he doesn’t like being called John Key’s Goebbels. Am I ready for this? I don’t know! Nobody can be ready for the likes of Textor, Slater and Farrar. They are vicious and have loads of money at their disposal from very scary people.

Let’s hope he thinks that I am just bat shit crazy for real!


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