Five Wacky Content Writing and Ideation Tools That You Should Know About

Content Catnip

You’re rapidly running out of ideas for your blog and/or clients. Here are a couple of kooky fabulous ways to inject some juice back into your writing. Although bearing in mind that you may end up writing about strange and quirky factoids like I do! There’s an art to thinking up new ideas for your blog, and if they don’t come to you then get some sleep and try again in the morning.

1. The Content Ideas Generator

I am reluctant to promote a competing content marketing company, but this really is the shizzle. Type a random noun into the search field and the content generator will sporadically produce some semantic masterpieces. This can be hit or miss, but it does get your brain ticking in terms of how to structure a great headline and the components that will work. Sometimes the resulting macabre headlines will spark fresh ideas too.

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