Is John Key An American? Will You Help Us Find Out?

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

By Travellerev in cooperation with Ben Vidgen

An interesting question was raised by a lady who sent me a letter she received from the department of Justice.
Anita Boccino, now and for many years a New Zealander but originally a US citizen wanted an answer to a very simple question and decided to request a freedom of information request to the department of Justice just after the last elections and the response was baffling.
The Question: Does John Key have dual citizenship and is the other citizenship that of the United States?


First of all, my knowledge of New Zealand law is limited so I decided to share the information (with permission from Anita whose name I also divulge here with her permission also) with non other than investigative Journalist Ben Vidgen from the Postman.

Ben Vidgen commented as follows:

  • The letter is in contravention with NZ law as…

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