Pike River victims families believe photos show bodies…

29 Miners Trapped After NZ Coal Mine Explosion : News Photo


It is understood that a decision from Solid Energy on whether it will allow recovery teams to re-enter the drift of the Pike River mine is imminent.

The drift is not the mine itself, but the two-kilometre tunnel that leads to the mine.

Families of the victims are desperate for a mission to collect evidence and to see if there are any bodies in the drift.

They say if Solid Energy won’t do it, they will.

They say they know there are bodies in the mine, and tonight, with their blessing and for the first time, we can show you their evidence.

Dean Dunbar, the father of lost miner Joseph Dunbar, spoke with Campbell Live producer Kate McCallum.

Watch the full interview with Dean Dunbar


Read more:http://www.3news.co.nz/tvshows/campbelllive/pike-river-families-believe-photos-show-bodies-2014103120#ixzz3HiGvpQRj    View Video:



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