Welcome to November: A Month of Remembrance, Marking 100 Years Since the First World War

Mother Nature

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Mother Nature for what is set to be a chilly November, a month that is focused around remembering those who fought in the First World War 100 years ago. With Guy Fawkes night taking place on Wednesday, this will be the night where everyone remembers Guy Fawkes, who was famously known for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament on fireworks night, though his plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament failed because he had inadvertently placed the highly dangerous explosives in the worst place where the gunpowder wouldn’t ignite. This would lead to Guy Fawkes being caught, and eventually being hung, drawn and quartered, and since that day, that is why the 5th November is now called Guy Fawkes Night, as well as being called fireworks night.

As remembrance day is on the 11th November (also known as Armistice…

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