The NZ anti-terror bill passed in Parliament today…

Peters Place

Opinion: Anti-terrorism Act.


“The Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill amends three existing laws to give the NZ SIS greater powers of surveillance and to give the Minister of Internal Affairs greater powers to suspend and cancel passports.The Bill was enacted today

The SIS will now be allowed to conduct surveillance on terrorist suspects without a warrant for 24 hours, to conduct video surveillance on private property, only in relation to suspected terrorism, and to have access to the Customs data in relation to suspected terrorism.

The Minister of Internal Affairs already has the power to cancel passports for 12 months but the minister will now be able to suspend a passport for up to 10 working days and to cancel passports for a period of up to three years.”

Howeve, there are many people who are suspicious of the new anti-terrorist legislation passed today. Some say this was a practise-run…

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