One size fits all – all under the one roof in this Alaskan town…

Under one roof in Alaska
An old army base is what the locals call home. Photo: Getty Images

It may seem crazy or just really cozy, but the 218 inhabitants of Whittier, Alaska have chosen to all live under one roof.

The small Alaskan town is only accessible by sea or a long underground mountain tunnel (which is closed at night) and is a gateway to a glacier and the wildlife-filled Prince William Sound making it a popular cruise port during the summer months.

In winter, the town gets covered in deep snow and suffers strong winds making the communal living concept understandable.

The locals have shacked up in a 14-story former Army barracks built in 1956 called Begich Towers, one of Alaska’s tallest buildings.

Inside the one building, there is a police station, a health clinic, a church, and even a video store.

Kids in the building don’t even have to go outside to go to school in winter. A tunnel leads to their classrooms.

Some residents have boasted that they have not left the building in years.

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