Islam must abandon its political correctness and abandon its archaic attitude towards non-Moslems…

Peters Place


by Peter Petterson

Manuel Valls

After the tragic events of the last week or so, terrorists shooting and killing journalists,cartoonists and police in Paris and the subsequent police action that saw the gunmen and some hostages killed, and the mass marches against terrorism in Paris, it is business as usual at Charlie Hebdo. I don’t speak French so a lot of what has been said has gone right over my head. But I get the meaning and that is you don’t give in to terrorists, jihadists or radical Islamics or whatever you wish to call them..

If mainstream Islam wants to be treated with respect and taken seriously it must abandon all its political correctness. Islam must also abandon its archaic attitude towards non- Moslems whom they have regarded as infidels or unbelievers in the past. If Allah is indeed the same God of Christendom and the Jews, how can they be…

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