White girls allegedly trafficked, beaten and raped by Pakistani men in northern England…

 What are the facts in these allegations?


White girls trafficked, beaten & sexually abused by Pakistani men
Government Covered Up Muslim Rape Scandal to Avoid Being Called Racist

Over a thousand mostly white young girls in the northern England town of Rotherham were systematically groomed, trafficked, beaten and sexually abused by rape gangs consisting of mainly Pakistani men.

A new report confirms that the local Labour government council and the police covered up this horror because they were afraid of being characterized as racist and politically incorrect.

The victims were treated as liars by the police and their complaints were buried. The majority of the perpetrators were from minority ethnic communities. The majority of the victims were white British children.

This same council then removed children from the custody of loving foster parents because they were members of a rival political party – UKIP – which opposes uncontrolled immigration and has denounced Labour’s cover-up of the Rotherham rape scandal.

But as the Telegraph’s Dan Hodges points out, the abused children of Rotherham were not the victims of political correctness. They were the victims of racism.

The girls were specifically selected by the Pakistani men because they were white. They were seen as “easy meat”. Their so-called “white privilege” didn’t help them at all – in fact it was an integral reason why they were targeted by the criminals and then abandoned by the authorities.

Criminal rape gangs are being protected by the authorities because of their foreign ethnicity. Meanwhile, we have young girls being beaten and raped, then ignored, labeled liars and left defenseless because they were white.

Where was their white privilege? Instead of being an advantage, their skin color was a key factor which led to authorities covering up the scandal.

But isn’t it heartening to see legions of feminists decrying the plight of these victimized young girls? Oh no that’s right, they were busy manufacturing rape scandals that didn’t exist while ignoring one that was actually taking place and being actively covered up by the government.

Apparently, to feminists, a rape scandal is only a rape scandal if its perpetrators have white skin. If the culprits are brown and the victims are white, it doesn’t exist. There’s that much vaunted white privilege once again.

Television discussions and reports about this scandal by the BBC continue to deliberately omit the fact that the perpetrators were mostly Asian men, with Britain’s de facto state broadcaster playing its part in the cover-up.

How did supporters of the Labour Party council in Rotherham that buried this scandal respond to the Casey report? Did they protest outside council offices? Did they demand resignations? No. They demonstrated against UKIP’s Nigel Farage for daring to travel to Rotherham to try to draw attention to the issue. That’s right, in the name of demonstrating against bigotry, they acted like a bigoted fascist mob to prevent Farage from exercising his free speech.

The Rotherham rape scandal destroys the myth of white privilege. The victims were victimized because they were white. The rape gangs got away with it because they weren’t white. Thanks to decades of social engineering, race-baiting and political correctness, this marks the beginning of white people being treated as second class citizens because of the color of their skin – the very definition of racism.

Now we see political correctness for the threat it truly represents. Not just as an irritant or a hazard to free speech, but as a direct peril to the functioning of a just society.

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