VIDEO: New Zealand’s unlikely anti-war voice, Ron Mark destroys National.


Forget the cliche hippie, student anti-war activists. New Zealand’s new breed of those criticizing the deployment of New Zealand troops into the Middle East are those who have been there, done that, and don’t want New Zealand to go down the same path again.

Watch as Ron Mark, NZ First MP and ex-Army Major slates National on sending troops to Iraq; “The people who have the loudest voices when it comes to deploying people into theaters of war are those who have never worn a uniform, and those who never want to. And very often you find they won’t let their sons or daughters go either. So button it, Mr. Goldsmith. Button it”.

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The Opal File – aka Gemstone File (NZ Section)…

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January 29, 2009

The Opal File

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This is . . . weird (actually weird is an understatement). The Opal File is a ‘secret history’ of New Zealand from 1967 to 1987. It also references the Aussies but seems focused on NZ politics and finance. It can be found on various conspiracy sites around the internets. The author is listed as ‘Anthony Pollock’, the ‘Opal File’ references the well known Gemstone File conspiracy theory.

Here are some typical excerpts, the complete file is over the break. (If anyone knows who wrote this – is it a joke? Are they for real? – I’d love to hear from them.)

The Gemstone File: A Skeleton key…

Gemstone File


Note: Stephanie Caruna is credited with authorship of the Skeleton Key from the notes of Bruce Roberts, provided by her associate Mae Brussell. Mae Brussell, now deceased, claimed to have met Bruce Roberts before he disappeared and obtained his massive notes from which the Skeleton Key summary was written.

Stephanie Caruana has produced a new Gemstone File on CD-ROM available at

The Gemstone File was written in many segments over a period of years—by an American man named Bruce Roberts. Parts of the file were released to certain Americans beginning in 1969. The number of handwritten pages is well over a thousand.

There have been a number of claims made over the years. You are invited to read this post and to come to your own conclusions.


Just Stimming...

The shoes.
There are two stories I could tell you.

One: I’m clinging to my roommate’s arm, trying to (re)learn how to walk in heels.

Two: a friend sent me a pair of shoes.


One: I wore heels, once. I was in a choir, a choir that was a Really Big Deal, and the high school girls had to wear character shoes. I got the lowest possible heel, and I was okay, mostly.

I liked how they sounded on the floor, so sometimes I wore them in college, or to DD council meetings, or when I went to Washington. I think they had maybe a half-inch heel.

I lost my character shoes in the move. Two years went by. I tore all the muscles in my left ankle, every last one, and I couldn’t go to physical therapy.

I put on a new pair of heels, and I knew, instantly that…

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International Socialists

Poata POATA: SEEING BEYOND THE HORIZON By Tama Te Kapua Poata; edited by Prue Poata (Wellington: Steele Roberts, 2012)

Reviewed by Shomi Yoon

Tama Te Kapua Poata [Ngāti Porou; 1936 – 2005] was born in Tokomaru Bay, on the East Coast. He represents the generation of Māori who migrated into the cities, and continued on to become leaders and fighters in the vanguard of the working class. He was part of all the key struggles of the ‘Māori renaissance’ of the 60s and 70s. He saw the struggle for socialism as synonymous with the struggle for Māori sovereignty.

Poata’s memoir is filled with anecdotes, poems, stories, photos, old newsletters from the struggle and campaigns that he was involved in and led over three decades. As a communist, he was on the front lines of and often the face of struggles that shaped New Zealand from the industrial struggles of the 60s…

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