A new drug sweeping Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia: Yaba the madness drug…

What Is YABA
Yaba is a derivative of synthetic Amphetamines such as speed and can be manufactured far more quickly and easily than traditional forms of amphetamines. The recipe has spread from the Far East by word of mouth and on the Internet. We’ve experienced some difficulty getting a consistent description of ingredients and effects, with some reports stating that the drug is mostly methamphetamine, running 80% pure with much of the cut being cast off from Heroin production.

The main ingredients, which include salt, household cleaning products, distilled cold medicines and lithium from camera batteries, can be bought legally and the drug can easily be knocked out at home with a couple of casserole dishes and a hob.

It is known as ‘crazy medicine’ pronounced yar bah. Now Yaba a new drug more popular than Heroin in parts of the Far East, and is heading for Britain, amid warnings that it could supersede Ecstasy as the drug of choice for the country’s clubbers. Yaba has become increasingly popular in the Far East amongst claims that the drug is now bigger than Heroin in Thailand.

This drug, which creates an intense hallucinogenic effect and can enable users to stay awake for days on end, was originally created by German chemists instructed by Adolf Hitler to find a stimulant that would help his soldiers to fight around the clock.

Drug experts are warning that Britain is being targeted by Yaba producers operating out of the so-called Golden Triangle – the drug producing areas which straddle the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos.



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